An idea for Battlecruiser balance.

Hello folks!

 I had originally posted this in a similar thread on blizzard's forums. However, the forums are so full of OP cries and general QQness that it was drowned in a sea of utter failure. So, I figured I'd bring it here for some more focused feedback. Now understand that I am fairly new to the game and my knowledge of the 'meta-game' is generally green. However, I feel that I understand it well enough that I can finally add input and enter the fray of brainstorming without instantly being blown out of the sky. I figure you guys might be a tad more welcoming than other forums. Still a modest bronzie though ;)

I have a possible solution to perhaps make the battlecruiser more viable. Personally, I feel that one of the biggest issues is the survivability coupled with the insane costs and build times. It's Armored/Massive/Mechanical, 400/300, and a 90 second build. Not to mention the infra-structure required and we all know exactly the unit composition to counter it perfectly. Perhaps if there was a way to improve its life span, it might be more useful. Because, you figure you spend all the time and resources to actually build a few and they go the hard counter and demolish it in a few seconds and it's like, well that was a waste of time. Ultimately, I feel like every problem with the bc all comes back to and revolves around not taking it for this very reason.

I know that they're tossing around the idea of a damage increase but I propose something different; An activated ability that the bc comes with. No cost, free cast...

Kinetic Barriers (Lawl ME2 rip off): Temporarily charges the plating of the Battlecruiser to repel damage and harmful effects. While active, the Battlecruiser can take no more than 10 damage from any attack and all spell effects are nullified. Lasts 12 seconds. 30 second CD, starting from activation.

Basically, this will give it a 'Hardened Shield' effect for 12 seconds. However, it will also repel any effect. IE, fungals, Neural Parasite, feedback, corruption, etc. I feel that 12 seconds is long enough to help it do its part without them being too strong for too long.

I think if this is done than damage should remain as is, but splash damage might be a suitable damage based buff. Especially for air attacks. Nothing insane but something to help deal with the corrupter and viking ball. I feel that it should be limited to air though, as splashing ground would just be a tad too much. However, the point isn't to make this a stand alone unit, nothing should be. It would still need to be coupled with ravens, vikings, tanks, etc. They'll still need to be micro'd like anything else. Not like you can a-move with mech anyway. However, this might help. Especially if they keep the combined air/ground upgrades at the armory.

Obviously, we don't want to make anything invincible, but I feel that this will help it survive longer in a fight to actually do enough damage to help mitigate the insane costs. I don't know if even this would make it worth it but I think it's something to toss around. It can only get worse right? I apologize if something to this effect has been suggested before or if the actual idea is absurd. I'm still researching and learning the game. Was just laying in bed trying to sleep and this hit me.