Feedback to you Day[9]

Hello i am Kim,

I registered to your website today for one reason, in the hope of receiving a reply from you personally.

I have been a huge fan of you for a long time and i have subscribed to your sc2 ingame channel, youtube and twitch. I have been following you since the start of your dailies in sc2. You aspired me to play Starcraft and Diablo 3, your D3 marathon stream was really good, so good, that i decided to play a game genres i never thought i would do ever, originally i only play FPS, you changed that. Anyways, i really miss your Sc2 content, your daily that made you famous besides being good at the game itself. Your main content would always be Sc2, even if you had a few videos about new games such as d3 when it came out. All that is nice, but recently you only make heartstone and "games only a few care about" content. This makes me want to unsub, since you no longer give out videos that are interesting to me. 

I want some sort of confirmation from you, about what content you will be showcasing here in the near future and what longterm goal you have when it comes to content. I would really love to see more educational videos from SC2, hopefully 1v1 Gold-Diamond range, which i guess most players are in. I would love it to contain the new Lotv expansion when it arrives. I would also like you to make team games videos and strategies guides, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 etc. I would love to see more professional commentary on games from the pro scene, but also from the lower leagues. I would like to see specials, where you have shows with other european and american players, such as Scarlet, Snute, Suppy, Idra, TargA and the list goes on and on. 

Would be nice if you made a youtube video about your future plans.

Greets from Norway

- Mylilpwny