Hand-Buff Control Paladin

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Day9 always talks about getting a hand-buff paladin to work. This is a different take I've been tinkering with that is more in line with control-style paladins, ala Anyfin paladins. In fact, this deck might even be able to be adjusted to fit in Anyfin and the warleaders as well!

In short the idea is to control the board, buff your hand (mostly focusing on Dopplegangters and charge minions), then big swing late game with dopplegangster / just kill 'em with buff charge minions.

It's a weird experiment I'm trying out but so far it's been pretty decent. I've like only faced druids though - 10 games in a row druid only O_o


EDIT: Oh, well, looks like he just tried a hand buff control pally yesterday.