Questing Adventurer / Djinni / Anomaly Buff Aggro Paladin!

So Day9 played a Djinni deck yesterday that did alright, which reminded me about the buff paladin I've been toying with ever since Karazhan came out! It's hard to explain how all of it works, but I'll do my best. Ask questions on why I did or didn't include various cards and I can answer that more specifically.


The Decklist:

2 Arcane Anomaly

2 Argent Squire

2 Blessing of Might

2 Blessing of Wisdom

2 Divine Strength

2 Redemption

2 Loothoarder

2 Acolyte of Pain

2 Divine Favor

2 Questing Adventurer

2 Seal of Champions

1 Consecration

2 Silvermoon Portal

2 Truesilver Champion

2 Djinni of Zephyrs

1 Tirion Fordring


The Curve:

12 1-mana

2 2-mana

8 3-mana

5 4-mana

2 5-mana

1 8-mana


The Strategy:

Why do cards like QA, AA and Djinni not normally work? Because they are directly removed as soon as possible, and require a lot of low cost cards played around them. But if your opponent always blasts these cards directly, eventually they will run out of removal. And if they don't run out, they are usually playing freeze mage or control warrior, meaning HUGE card draw from divine favor!

So early on mulligan for a 1-drop minion or, if going second with an AA in hand, a Divine Strength. Try to take control early with a decent buff, or at least keep the board competitive (which you can even do vs midrange shaman unless they have a perfect hand). Turn 5 and 6 are usually the big swing turns for the deck, because this is when QA and Djinni can be played for stronger presence. Consecrate helps clear the board but often isn't needed, Truesilver often just hits face to finish the game, and Tirion is there for a late-game swing against more control type decks.



The miracle card. Look at the minions in the deck - Pretty much every one of them is a good target to play again - either you have more card draw, another divine shield, or another chance at crazy growth! The biggest downfall of Redemption is that it often triggers on your 1/1 recruits, so try to carefully plan your board state going into your opponent's turn to make them play into redemption. Don't try to hide it - its value isn't as much out of being a secret as it is in getting straight value, so don't be afraid to even skip those button presses!


Card Draw:

I consistently get huge draws off of divine favor, but I have enough other card draw to usually have a nearly full hand at SOME point in the game, even though I am racing through most of my early game cards. You are racing to fatigue, so don't worry about it - it's all about making the biggest swings you can and making something stick. If a djinni or QA sticks, then you almost guaranteed have the game.


Blessing of Wisdom:

Tempting to just play it out to buff QA or AA, but you will usually need at least one card from BoW. Play on a minion rit before you attack. Only use it on enemy minions if you can't get something to stick yourself, or if you are worried about a health race. Oftentimes the opponent will give you the hp rather than the card unless it's a significant hit, but I have had sometimes where my opponent hit me for 1 with a BoW'd tunnel trogg.


Right now this deck just carried me into rank 9 on a win streak, though it fluctuates with the day.


Substitutions: (or why i didn't play these cards but considered them)

Mana Addict - Great for one-turn burst or another forced removal target, but I didn't have it in my collection and didn't want to spend 200 dust, so I worked without it. Would be more of a finisher or removal forcer than an early threat by itself. Not sure what to cut for it either,

Acidic Swamp Ooze - Not enough weapons are played to make this worth it, and we already have good matchups against most weapon-heavy decks. Also too aggressively statted - we want sticky, resilient minions, not aggressively trading ones.

Scarlet Crusader - Good redemption synergy, but I couldn't figure out what to cut, and we already have enough 3-drops.

Blessing of Kings - Too one-dimensional and high-costed. Seal is better as a buff because divine shields are much stronger than 4hp, particularly late game, and that 1 mana discount means a lot. Portals are also better because they are dynamic, buffing AND giving a minion, which is needed for comeback swings.


Why no 2-drops?

Because we have a button. And we want to fill our turn mana a lot. If we have a dead turn, that's because we don't want to buff anything we could play, which means we don't have the right carda in hand, and taking out buffs to put in more minions severely weakens the deck. We want giants alongside mid-statted hordes, not a horde of wimps. We have resilience to board clears through divine shields and HP buffs. Plus, no 2-drops really synergize as well with what we play.


Hope you enjoy the deck as another take on the Djinni Aggro paladin! I can't wait for Grimy Goons paladin to have yet another cool style of buff deck!