"Totes myGoats" Midrange Totem Shaman

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Check out the decklist! http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/618806-totes-mygoats-f2p-totem-shaman

(Or a text version if you don't want to go to Hearthpwn:

Card Name x Copies _ Mana Cost

Totemic Might × 2  0

Lightning Bolt × 2   1

Primal Fusion × 2  1

Rockbiter Weapon × 1   1

Flametongue Totem × 2   2

Lava Shock × 1   2

Maelstrom Portal × 1   2

Totem Golem × 2   2

Feral Spirit × 1   3

Hex × 1   3

Lightning Storm × 1   3

Mana Tide Totem × 2   3

Tuskarr Totemic × 2   3

Draenei Totemcarver × 2   4

Wicked Witchdoctor × 2   4

Bloodlust × 1   5

Doomhammer × 1   5

Thunder Bluff Valiant × 2   5

Thing from Below × 2  6



So, I made this deck this morning, and so far it's carried me from rank 10 to rank 8 -  highest I've been so far! I know it's probably not perfect, but it's the best totem shaman deck I've ever made - all thanks to Wicked Witchdoctor.

So the idea is to control the board early on, then take over around the mid game with dranei totemcarvers and thing from below. If you can hold that you can usually win. If you can't, then the deck can pick up and flood again with Wicked Witchdoctor, then use Bloodlust or Thunder Bluff Valiant for a big push of damage near the end of the game.

So far my worst matchup seems to be against aggressive Hunter, because you usually need to draw all your board clears and get lucky with a spell damage totem to clear out their board, because if you don't have a solid board presence by the time Call the Wild hits turn 8 you're pretty much done for.

So, any suggestions? Thoughts? I'd love to see Day9 do a Totem Shaman deck because he seems really into some of the more crazy archetypes of the classes (hyper ramp druid, shadow priest, watcher Warlock)