Opponent interaction.

I received a Beta key two weeks back, and promptly got around to playing a few games (after the EU battle.net outages finished). The lack of a chat interface in the same guise as SC2 didn't really bother me until I actually started playing. I've found the restriction of only being able to say six fairly limited things to be both interesting and kind of a drawback. Most games I've played, the Greetings, Well Played, and Thank You are about all you end up using, but there's been several times where I've wanted to say more due to what's happening within the game. I've lost games due to fantastic combo plays, or just straight up idiocy on my part. I've won games for the same reasons. There's even been a few games where I wanted to tell the opponent not to do something because it was an obvious mistake (Hero is frozen, and opponent spends four spells buffing their attack for one turn, then realises they can't attack).

So, my question is, am I on my own with wanting something a *little* more there? Maybe not in-game, but a post-game screen with your opponents name and a chat option? Or an in-game option with a character/post limit?