Question for the older 30+ folks thinking about college

Good afternoon all,


     Long time follower and lover of all things Day9 and DayKnight related but rarely do I post on here.  Something I have been struggling with recently is thinking about going back to college to get myself another college degree.  A little background on me to give some perspective.  I earned a BA in history while in college back in 2009 right in the middle of the worst parts of the recession.  When I got out of college I didn't do an internship or further my education in anyway, instead, I went and got a job shipping blood out from the local blood bank and worked night shift there for 5 years.  Fast forward to January 2015, I took a week long boot camp to train me for an A+ and Network+ certification since hey I wanted to find new work and IT is a good paycheck and while bad hours is still better than working every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night like I had been doing.  I had 0 previous experience with computers and managed to squeak by and get my A+ certification after the weeklong bootcamp (never got the network+, honestly didn't even try for it, seemed so far over my head) since then I have worked at a couple of different IT departments and found them to be very hit or miss and the work not truly enjoyable.  I have recently been looking into going back to college for maybe some database admin work or technical writing.  However, at 31 years old I'm feeling very self conscious of my inability to nail down a career for me that seems to fit with what I like doing (writing reports and working on projects and working with people).


      I know that Sean has always promoted an open discussion/community feeling within his own followers and admire that a great deal.  I thought I would create a post here and seek some advice from folks that may be in a similar position to me that either have kind of figured out the next step to take or themselves have concerns and create a dialogue that can help "dislodge" the knot I've gotten myself into.  


     Thank you very much for browsing this post!