[h] Please analyse my silver level decision making

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I come to you today with two games I lost, I can see mistakes in both of them, but I want to have my full play analyzed if possible, especially my decision making, as I have a strong history of losing larger armies to smaller ones etc, I think I am poor at choosing engagements etc. I would love some advice and any issues pointed out.

Both games are PVTs, but it isn't really a PVT centric issue, they just happen to be recent examples of me losing. My plan against terran is always 1g expo or 3g expo depending on what I scout.

So, the first game is fairly straight up, let me explain how I saw it ingame, and aftwerwards.


1) I 9 scout against terran usually as I am afraid of getting depot'd out of his base

2) You can see that I fat finger a forge and cancel it for a gateway, this isn't really an issue I need advice on, it's just an accident :p

3) I scout a SCV supposedly ready to set down an expo, and only 1 rax and no gas, so I assume he is early expanding, so I choose to 1 gate expand. I don't like that his SCV is in my base and will see it, but there isn't much I can do about that.

4) I went to scout him again at 5 minutes to see if he really did expand, and see what kind of units he is making (marauders?) etc.

5) I saw a bunker so I assumed he wasnt intending to get a third any time soon, but I also figured he maybe would sit in his base a bit (don't know why I thought this). I didn't feel safe getting a third but I did decide I could go for a tech advantage so I wanted to get colossus up early.

6) sent probe out at 7 minutes to check the tower since I figure my plan to get colossus pretty quick will result in a smaller army, so I should try not to just die to a push.

7) I make a lot of stalkers because I figure my forcefields are not that useful if he can just shoot the zealots over them with the rest of his army.

8) Observer was late I think, I could have gotten cloak bansheed? But he didnt take gas at the start right?

9) I saw his expo go down at 10:40ish, I figured the best plan here would be to attack it before expanding myself, since I had a colossus at this point I figured I could beat his army. But I was afraid of getting cornered inside the highground of his natural with my whole army and losing it to his reinforcements, so I wanted a forward pylon.

10) Lol supply blocked as he looks to attack

11) My probe putting a pylon down to deny his third gets killed :(

12) I leave to intercept and kill his army but can't find it.

13) by now my timing to deny his third is gone IMO, so I just expanded.

14) our armies meet in midfield and he takes some losses, but I pull back. I think I should have pushed on here?

15)I feel like my army is pretty strong so I am gonna move out here to kill his third while simultaneously using my warp prism at his main

16) My army basically gets shat on :(. My warp prism is ready to start harassing though.

17) start warping in DTs all over the place hoping to waste lots of scans, do some damage, and throw him off his game responding to it all.

18) Incorporating DTs in my main army as well to add damage.

19) At this point I am trying to buy time to remax, I don't really have any strong AOE (afraid of vikings killing my colossus and I haven't teched up to HT) and am spending a lot on these DTs, I think that is a large amount of my issue.  I should have transitioned to HT.

20) from here it's a lot of me just losing my army over and over while trying to delay with DTs and so on. I don't have nearly enough gas to make interesting units and he has too many vikings for easy colossus :(



The second game is a bit more retarded its 50 friggin minutes long and I was almost sure I would win, the opening was similar to the first game but his unit compositions were ahhh... non standard.

basically he put missile turrets and orbitals everywhere and killed me ravens, and banshees that I never seemed to have observers for, although en never actually attacked with the observers.I had a massive standing army the whole time but couldn't really kill hiim because of his defense at his main, and I didn't think of getting phoenixes to kill his damn ravens until way too late.

I dealt with it the way day9 says to deal with mutas, which is to think defensively instead of offensively, but in the end I just kept losing stuff and ended up screwing up and sending all my probes to die, and starved out and died against a guy on 2 bases at like 50 minutes.

I think I should have tried denying his expansions with smaller groups of units so that I could leave my main army at home to deal with the friggin ravens, and gotten up the phoenixes in safety like 30 minutes earlier than I did, add more observers, and get massive map control.

Thanks for any help!