Melee: Battlegrounds - Massive battles. Build bases. Socialize.

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Hey everyone, when I saw this forum I thought I'd post something about a game I'm working on. 

The game is 100% independent developed and includes people from all over the world, the US, Europe and Asia. We've come this far with the help of our community (, and now hope to take it further:

Big Battle Concept Art

Medieval combat - The combat is intense, direct and personal. Every player brings their own style to the battlefield. Try to anticipate your foes’ actions – outmaneuver, outplay or outsmart them! The 360° attack/block system makes combat easy to learn, but impossible to master - there will always be something new to learn.

Build Castles - Construct your own fortifications and castles with your team. Make sure you allocate your resources wisely, because building is only half of the fun.

I don't want to spam this thread with a ton of pictures etc so if anyone is interested there's more on our imgur account

Links etc for all the social stuff, Kickstarter and so on can be found in the first video :)

You should be able to find answers to most questions in the two linked videos and the presentation page on KS, but if anyone has a specific question I'd be happy to answer!