Looking for Tabletop RPG Players for Stream

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Hi all,


I'm currently looking to start a weekly tabletop RPG stream and am looking for players to participate. As of right now, the start time is currently undecided, but I'm currently leaning toward Sunday nights EST. The stream will be 4 hours per show, using Tabletop Simulator and Google Hangouts. The game we'll be playing is Exalted, as it lends to hilarity, over the top descriptions, and lots and lots of dice.


I've already got some interest, but I'm still looking for more players to get a good schedule going. If you're interested in playing, feel free to leave your available start times assuming a 4 hour minimum length.


EDIT: Please leave Skype name as well as days and times you're available if you're interested.


EDIT2: So, thanks for all the interest. A bit of an update for you all, I currently have five players lined up from the DayKnights community. Characters have been made, a tutorial has been run just this past weekend to go over the combat system, and the plot has been blocked out. Due to the schedules of the players, rather than stream, the games will be recorded and placed on Youtube for your viewing pleasure. We expect to run at least one game a month. Keep an eye out here and I'll be posting links to the videos here.

For those curious, the players are:

Jorryn: The Steel Devil swordswoman

Jetlag620: The Ebon Claw assassin

Leafcena: The Righteous Devil gunner

GMFaustus: Sorcerer supreme, (likely self-proclaimed) king of the magma kraken.

Zeldaassassin: Introverted Loremaster

And just to tease, here's an excerpt from the start of the story.

"Today passed like any other. You earned your way for the day, doing what you do, offering polite smiles where appropriate, keeping to your own little circles. You went home, you enjoyed a simple dinner, and when the sun set, you went to bed. You closed your eyes, embraced the silence of the twilight, but a nagging feeling tugged at the back of your mind. It took you a while to figure out what exactly seemed off, but when you did, your eyes opened without achieving any rest. You slipped out of bed, the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end. You put on your clothes, grabbed a weapon, maybe two, a feeling of immense dread overcoming you as you dared to step outside."

I hope you'll all have as much fun watching the games as we'll be having playing them!