2s are so stupid.

I am not usually one to bitch and moan, but honestly screw terran getting tank siege right away. There was a time when 2's used to be fun but its a royal garbage heap of dumbassery now. Every zerg I play 6 or 10 pools then slings because they know cheap bullshit is going to be used and I dont fault them for it one bit. I used to but not now. Tank marine rushes along with any half witted toss teammate pulling out immortals or the god unit zealot makes me just cringe to play teams anymore. Hell, we had a terran/toss rush us the other day with 4 zealots and a handfull of marines and 32 workers plus lings and the 3 roaches my teammate had were destroyed. Its ridiculus how stupid powerful those things are. Give me zealots over upgraded retard ultras any day.