Sam, Ur Eye! Android ranged fighting game - feedback requested!

Hey Day Knights, I'm a long time viewer of the show. Sean was one of the inspirations that got me into game development.

And I know this is an awesome community, so I'd like to share this game development experience. I'm here to show the product of our game development training course. Published in Google Store, free to play Sam, Ur Eye at Google Store.

We tried something pretty ambitious, a mobile fighting game that is both simple to start playing, yet hard to master. So that in the end, it is skill based. Unlike usual complex combo fighting games of say, consoles, we opted for a ranged fighting game to take advantage of the mobile platform.

The game is free to play, but we did our best to avoid paywalls, the game has in game currency of coins that you earn by playing the game. These coins then unlock more characters and weapons. Your guys input on how this aspect feels, would be immensely helpful.

I believe that we succeeded in making an easy to approach, yet skill-based mobile game. but I would love to hear your guys feedback. And I'd love to anwser any questions you might have. I'll also write a post-mortem analysis about the game and the experience, which I'll also post here at a later time. The game was made with Unity, so I can also anwser questions about that engine and my experiences with it.

One of the coolest things I got to make was the 2D ragdoll skeleton system. Unity didn't have one in 2D, so I made out own. The benefit was, that we could animate the skeleton with physics and then just paste the character sprite-parts on top of it and voila, efficient animations that don't feel repetitive.

Currently we are patching up any bugs we or the users find in the game, doing tweaks and balance changes and marketing the game, like posting to you good folk here.

You can reach me through the direct email pekka [at] sumugames [dot] com. Finding a community to talk with about your game has been hard, maybe I'll find a home here with the Day Knights.

And for some additional details, you can checkout this trailer: trailer at youtube.

We also made our own music for the game, as amateurs in a studio of course, emphasis on being loopable (is that a word?) music sample at youtube.

Below is the description from the Google Store:

Local multiplayer ranged fighting game with physics based mechanics. Sam, Ur Eye! is a local multiplayer fighting game featuring a simple, yet hard to master controls that makes the game skill based. Play against your friend or the AI. The game features several characters and weapons, all with fun and powerful special powers. Learning to use those powers to their full potential is part of the thrill and skill of the game. Are you ready to challenge your friends to become the ultimate warrior?


  • Ranged fighting
  • Local two player / Single player against AI
  • 11 different weapons (Each one with a special power)
  • 6 playable characters (+1 with Premium)
  • 9 game modes
  • Custom 2D-Ragdoll
  • Asian themed artstyle
  • Blood slider

About the developer

We are a small indie team from Jyväskylä, Finland. We greatly appreciate any and all feedback including bug reports!

And if you like the game, please rate it!