Mine-Centered Aggressive TvP Build

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     Hello! I’ve always liked the idea of using Mines against Protoss (I was one of the advocates for their enbuffment), so I’ve decided to develop a build centered around them! So far, I’ve been crushing Protoss players with it. I have full confidence this and at least some of the transitions can work through Diamond, and with some adjustments it might even work in Masters.

     The first push should do damage, but you don’t have to kill the Protoss with it, you can transition once you deal damage. If you don’t deal damage but retain your units, you can still have a chance. It starts out with 2 fast Hellions and has 2 Mines and a Marauder out in time to avoid damage from a Zealot/Stalker MSC push or an Oracle (this part might be iffy against Oracle users who are good at avoiding Mines, but just try to keep your Workers around your Mines if one comes in – remember, splash from a Widow Mine will not 1-hit SCVs, so you can repair the damage). Note that if you scout a Stargate but the Oracle seems to not be there on time, you should put 2 Widow Mines to defend instead of one – he’s either going for 2 Oracles or is going for a Hallucination with it (to avoid double splash to workers, move workers away from Oracles/Oracle-Hallucination when your Mines are about to go off). It has a slightly late 2nd CC started after the Factory is built.


Adaptations must be made by reaction in the case of cheese and DTs and such, just like any build.


If anyone has any advice on how to improve it, or would like to give variations of it, or would like to give suggestions on how to defend against it, please post!



11-Gas (2 workers)

13-Barracks, SCV scout

15-3rd worker on Gas



17-Reactor @Barracks

@Reactor start–take workers off of Gas


19-Command Center (in main)

@Reactor finish—Switch Factory to Reactor

20-2x Hellion

@2x Hellion, check for Proxies/scout/harass


25-2nd Refinery, put 3 Workers back on Gas

25-Tech Lab @Barracks

26-2nd Barracks

27-Widow Mine x2



34-2nd Orbital (MULE then put in Natural when finished)

@Widow Mines—Put one in main Mineral line, put 2nd at Natural

@2nd Barracks—Tech Lab

35—2nd Factory

@2nd Barrack's Tech Lab—Lift, make another Tech Lab.

Continue making Mines and Marauders. When 2nd Factory finishes, make a Tank, and push when you have it.


Engaging – Run your Mines up to the Protoss units and Probes and Burrow. Siege your Tank up while your Mines are running up, and use your Marauders to tank damage and focus-fire units. If he Forcefields you out, keep your Tank sieged up and use your Mines and Marauders to defend it. If he uses Photon Overcharge, you have 5 options:

-- Kill the Natural and/or win the game anyway if he doesn’t have enough units.

-- Kill whatever units you can to try and deal damage regardless of if your units die.

-- Run into the main base (related to previous option).

-- Siege up outside of PO range and defend your Tank with Mines and Marauders, push again with reinforcements.

-- Retreat and use a transition.


Defending vs 4-Gate and Blink Stalkers – If you scout a 4-Gate with your SCV, make a Bunker at your main and add a 2nd Barracks before you make your 2nd Command Center and keep your workers on Gas. If you think you can defend the 4-Gate initially with the Bunker and Repair, go ahead and make the Hellions and go kill some Probes. Otherwise, go straight to Mines. If he attacks before you can switch your Factory to your Reactor, make Marines out of the Barracks and single Mines out of the Factory.


If you scout 3-Gate Blink with your SCV, do like before and make the 2nd Barracks before CC and leave workers on Gas. You have two options here – switch your Factory to your Reactor and make Mines to put in key Blink-in positions and make Marauders out of one Barracks and Marines out of the non-add-on Barracks, or put a Tech Lab on the Factory and make Marines and Tanks. Make Marauders out of the 2nd Barracks regardless (your setup should be either: a naked Barracks + a Tech Lab Barracks + a Reactor Factory -or- a Reactor Barracks + a Tech Lab Barracks + a Tech Lab Factory). If you think you have time, make the 2 Hellions to try and deny proxy Pylons, and to check the Stalker count to make sure he isn’t making a Dark Shrine. Bonus if you can kill a few Probes after you do all that.


If you scout 2-base Blink, go ahead and do as normal, except don’t move out with your Tank. Defend with Marauder/Mine/Tank, and push or take a 3rd once you hold off the attack. Make sure to have at least one Tank at your Natural with Mines protecting key Blink-in positions. Use your Marauders reactively – put them at the front or in the main or split them depending on the map and on what the Protoss appears to do with his Stalkers. Repair Tanks if possible. If you can spare a Mine to keep by each Tank and use your Marauders well, you can at least punish him for Blinking on top of your Tanks.


Defending vs fast Colossi – You can actually defend 1-Colossus pushes simply with Marauder/Mine/Tank. If he extends too much into Tank range, run your Mines up and burrow and try to focus the Colossus with your Marauders if you’re not kiting.


Against 3-Colossus pushes, add a Reactor’d Starport and continue to make Tanks and Marauders. Try to hide most of your Mines to the side outside of your Natural to be able to flank him with them when he pushes. If you have time and money to get an Armory and Drilling Claws, that can really help with flanks.


Defending vs DTs – Get an Engi Bay and Turrets. Don’t push until you have either plenty of Scans or a Raven.


Defending vs Chargelot/Archon – With the recent Mine buff, you should be able to just make Mine/Marauder/Tank and hold it. However, getting an Armory and some Hellbats to support can be nice, as can Medivacs. Depends on timings and preferences and such.




3rd base into Biomine or Mech – Start a 3rd CC and add a Starport.  If you want to go Mech, add Factories and Armories. If you want to go Biomine, add more Barracks and some Engi Bays, eventually get Drilling Claws. Either way, make sure you have 2-3 Starports for support units (Vikings and Medivacs for Biomine, Vikings and Ravens or Banshees for Mech – a few Medivacs if you make a lot of Hellbats or want to drop) and if you can and want to use Ghosts, you can produce them once you have your 3rd saturated.


Mech-heavy All-In (Mines) – Lift a Barracks and make another Reactor and Factory and then produce more Mines, Marauders, and Tanks as you continue to saturate your Natural (one gas to start out, then the second). Put the 3rd Factory on the new Reactor and pump more Mines. Get Concussive Shells. You can make another Barracks for Marauders once you have a saturated base. Push again when you have 2-3 Tanks and continue to reinforce.

A variation of this is to also add an Armory and get Drilling Claws before you push, giving you a later push with more units and Drilling Claws.


Mech-heavy All-In (Tanks) – Same as before except put your 3rd Factory on a Tech Lab instead of a Reactor. Push early at 3-4 Tanks, or at 5-6 Tanks.


Bio-heavy All-In – Make Reactors from your 2 Barracks and make 2 more Barracks as you continue to saturate your Natural (at least one extra gas at it). Get Stim (conc shells and combat shield optional depending on how many and what Factory units you want). Produce Marine/Marauder/Mine/Tank and push at Stim.


Marauder-heavy All-In – Same as Bio-heavy, except with Tech Labs only. Get Concussive Shells (stim optional depending on how many and what Factory units you want).


2-2-1 or 3-2-1 All-In – Make a Starport and a Reactor with one of your Barracks as you continue to saturate your Natural (get both gasses quickly). If the opponent is going Colossi or Stargate, get Vikings from the Starport. If the opponent is going DTs, make an Engi Bay and Turrets, and keep the Barracks on the Reactor and put the Starport on the Tech Lab and make a Raven. If the opponent is going anything else, get Medivacs or Banshees (personal preference). You can make a 3rd Barracks and an add-on when you have the money. Timings and number/identity of Factory and Barracks units will vary depending on what type of Starport units you wish to use and if you get Cloak or not if you use Banshees. Depending on what you think is best, you can push at:

-- 4 Vikings or 3 Vikings 1 Medivac

-- 6 Vikings or 4 Vikings 2 Medivacs or 5 Vikings 1 Medivac

-- 2 Medivacs

-- 3-4 Medivacs

-- 1 Raven

-- 2 Ravens or 1 Raven 1 Banshee

-- 1 Raven 1-2 Medivacs (switch Starport from Tech Lab to Reactor if 2)

-- 2 Banshees or 1 Banshee 1-2 Medivacs (switch Starport from Tech Lab to Reactor if 2)

Drop if you desire when using Medivacs.

A variation is to make an Armory and produce Hellbats from the Factories. Spends 100 Gas earlier but gives you a Mineral dump with units meatier than Hellions.

If you use Vikings, try to Scan and pick off the Observer when you engage.


Upgrades aggression into 3rd base (my personal favorite) – Get an Armory, Engi Bay, and 3rd Factory with a Reactor as you continue to saturate your Natural (get both gasses, start with 2 on each then put 3 on each). Get the Armor upgrades from the Armory and Engi Bay, and get Drilling Claws from your Factory and Concussive Shells from one of your Barracks. Pump Marauders, Mines, Hellbats, and try to get a Thor out (you may stop making Tanks when you have 2, or you can skip the Thor and get 3-4 Tanks, not recommended vs Stargate). Push when the Armor upgrades finish or when the Thor is out (if the Thor is out first, your Armor upgrades will probably finish by the time you hit).


Engaging and follow-ups -- When attacking if you choose to make the Thor, scan and try to kill the Observer(s) with your Thor. You can then use it for crushing Forcefields and for general combat (if he has a Colossus or Colossi, switch to the Cannons for anti-air to get a long-range weapon against them). Unless he has mostly Zealots, do not use your Mines to kill them, let your Hellbats take care of them and burrow your Mines next to/under anything else the Protoss has. Continue to reinforce and push while saturating your 3rd, or sit back and make a couple of Starports and transition into either Biomine or Mech with Sky support (make sure to get a second Engi Bay or Armory for upgrades depending on which you pick).


Feedback and suggestions would be great!