Everything you said is good except...

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You should go 14 hatch 15-16 pool vs terran, not the other way around. There is no reason to go pool first vs terran, even if they cheese you it is easily stopped as long as you scout, and it seems to me you are on top of your scouting. VS toss i always go pool first, cuz they are like kraft macaroni (the cheesiest lol).  And VS zerg it varies depending on what I scout (Even though people say not to, i always drone scout even vs zerg, cuz overlords move too slowly and you're not gonna scout a 6-pool in time unless you drone scout, so i either go pool first or hatch first depending on how many drones i see or if they already have a pool down.)

the exception would be if they are proxy rax'ing you...in that situation i could endorse pool first lol