A Roll-play Game- Aeris

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Hi my name is Frodo and I'm currently making a rollplay (Tabletop) game, with a few twists. For instance you play the "bad" guy and although early game is mainly focused on your party, eventually you and your friends will try and conquer the lands with armies. Another big thing to the world and setting I'm placing it in is, what I think is unknown to the RPG/Fantasy setting, there are no gods. There is worship but no divine beings to worship. I don't have allot on paper yet but I do hope I can receive some early feedback from this wonderful community Sean has created.

It's magic!

I'm currently focused on writing down allot different spells any suggestions are welcome. Magic in this world is used very much like bending in "Avatar the last airbender - Series". But then combined with more standard RPG magics. The core types of Magic Sources are the following: Air, Arcane, Earth, Fire, Life, Light, Necrotic, Void, Water. Some spells might require a combo for instance lightning, Air - Water. Just send suggestions for any spell you can come up with go crazy, you don't have to worry to much under what school of magic it fits, I'll figure it out and balance it. 

Please tell me what crazy spells you can come up with.