(Edited: )

Twisting nether needs to be played more. Feel free to Toss some cards around. The problem with Twisting nether is that you clean the board but pass the turn to your opponent, giving him a chance to fill it up again. TN just delayed the game, kinda useless. Possible solution: Deathrattle. 



1x Void Terror (Battlecry)
2x Voidcaller (Deathrattle)
2x Doomgaurd (Charge, Battlecry)


2x Leper Gnome (Deathrattle)
2x Loot Hoarder (Deathrattle)
2x Nerubian Egg (Deathrattle)
1x Big Game Hunter (Battlecry)
2x Harvest Golem (Deathrattle)
1x Baron Rivendare (Persistent Effect)
2x Antique Healbot (Battlecry)
2x Sludge Belcher (Deathrattle)
1x Piloted Skygolem (Deathrattle)
1x Sneed's Old Shredder (Deathrattle) 


1x Sacrifical Pact
2x Power Overwelming
2x Darkbomb
1x Sense Demons
1x Shadowflame
2x Twisting Nether

Any suggestions are welcome. I have not yet been able to play this deck. I will soon be able to.
Try it out. Change it around - just keep the Twisting Nether. If you don't know why I put a card 
in feel free to ask. Good Luck, Have Fun.