As an addendum to DayJ's post:

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DayJ's pretty much right on all fronts here. The field is in its infancy, facing a growth spurt, provides better professional training than any number of college courses, and is the sort of thing you can be proud of doing when you look back upon it in 20 or so years.

There's one further thing:

You probably want to start... now. Right now. Yes, right this second. While you're reading my comment, you're wasting precious time.

Pop open Word and start writing articles. Get a webcam and start streaming. Pull out your cellphone and see what bars are willin to host a Barcraft. Open the freaking game and ladder already. 

The one thing you should absolutely not do is wait for an opportunity to fall into your lap. Whether you're trying to sign up with an existing site or starting your own esports biz, absolutely nobody's going to even give you the time of day if you don't at least do the basic groundwork: have material, preferably public, that demonstrates you know what you're doing. Eagerness to start gets you nowhere - eagerness to do MORE opens doors.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got more LoL articles to write.