The kindest opponents that you ever dun had?

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This goes without saying, but one of the most awesome things about SC2 is how kind the community is. Hailing from the world of DotA and LoL, I'm used to a community that is a bit more volatile (to say the least). I'm curious to hear about others who've been humbled by the extreme kindness of their opponents. Two instances pop in my mind that I want to share with you!

1) It was the weekend after mid terms, and I was queued up to play my first SC match that month. The first match, as I'm sure some can relate to, is always the sloppiest. I don't quite remember how the build goes, I forget to watch out for some timings, that sort of thing. Anyway, the match started and I was facing a Z (I'm a protoss playah).

At the beginning of the match, we both say "GLHF", and I tell my opponent that I like his name (Ironically I can't remember what that name was). He says thanks, and we start chatting. I usually don't really like to type after maybe the 2:00 minute mark because it ruins my play, but my opponent happen to ask if I watch Day9 (to which I replied, Of Course!). My opponent then, excitedly, tells me about how he was on the last funday monday (It was the closest game ever funday monday), and that he was actually the last match/the closest game. To me, Day9 picking your replay is like if Schomoyoho/Weird Al made a parody of you -- It's a pretty fucking sweet thing to happen. We talk for most of the match, and he proceeds to utterly destroy me. While he's pushing into my natural, I say "GG :)" and leave. I notice that he was masters (I'm diamond), so I don't feel too bad about losing. But to my great surprise, he whispers me

"Damn, I'm sorry."
"I was going to leave and give you the win : ("

Now I don't really care about my win/lose or points or anything like that, but I also realize that that is an overwhelmingly nice gesture. I don't think I'd ever give my opponent a "free win". Even when I'm goofing around by triple nexus's as Toss, I tend to play to win.

2) While the last experience was totally awesome, this one fundamentally changed the way I viewed people online. It was another PvZ, and I was trying out the, at the time new, Immortal Sentry All In. It was on Ohana, which I hear is a pretty good map for this strat, and it steamrolled my opponent. While I'm killing him, he starts to BM his head off.

"You fucking suck."
"Fucking scrub."
"Toss is OP"
"You played soooooo bad, you only won because I forgot my gases"
"noob noob noob noob"

Yadda yadda yadda. Having been immersed in dota for so long, you kind of learn how to deal with flamers. The way I learned was akin to the way Sheth explained in that SC2 documentary he was featured in. I just become really, really nice, and sort of apologetic. So I respond with

"oh no :("
"no I played really well"
"sorry :/"

Afterward he shortly leaves, and then starts whispering me (Continuing to berate me). So I respond with

"rematch gogogogogogogogogogo"

He invites me to a game, and we rematch. I say GLHF, he says GLHF, and we start to trash talk each other - sort of. It was a much calmer "I'm not gonna make any mistakes this time" sort of trash talk, which I actually find pretty fun. Long story short, he picks daybreak, I go stargate styleez, and I end up losing. I say "GG WP!!" and leave the game. He then whispers me AGAIN, but this time it's completely different.

"GG wp mate!"
"Sorry for being so bm earlier, I've had a really bad week."
"too many projects, too much work, too many cheesers"
"You played really well, I got kind of lucky that match."
"Good luck in your future games :) :)"

He then actually proceeds to whisper me "GL!!" in my next couple of matches. In dota, I had learned that sometimes (not as often as i'd hope), being really nice can make people stop flaming. However I've never had someone become human. At that moment I wasn't just playing some game verse some guy, I was chatting with a fellow gamer who had had a bad week. I cannot tell you how wide my smile was to have not only recieve an apology, but to destress someone who was having a bad week. Only in starcraft does this kind of awesome shit happen. Sometimes it can be hard to remember, but at the end of the day everyone online is just a real human sitting at a computer.

Anyway, this post ended up being waaay longer then anticipated! What are some moments of kindness that you've experienced in SC2?