Gold, Platinum - Among the Shadows NA Tournament #4

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Among the Shadows is hosting another tournament. Our tournament is open to both members of Among the Shadows and non-members. Non-members will still need to register at to fill out an entry form and for communication purposes through our tournament forums.

This is our first themed tournament that will feature a small background story about the tournament. It has no effect on the tournament itself, just something creative we are looking at doing with tournaments, involving the starting maps of each round. This tournament has been code named - "March on Korhal".


September 28, 2013 - 4pm EST


Day[9] Mouse Pad

Tournament Style

  • 16 player - 1v1 - Single Elimination
  • Round 1 - Best of 3
  • Round 2 - Best of 3
  • Round 3 - Best of 3
  • Finals - Best of 5

Map Pool

  • Antiga Shipyards
  • Daybreak
  • Korhal City
  • Korhal Compound
  • Newark Precinct
  • Metalopolis

Complete rules can be found on our Tournament page.

Admin of Tournament

Ohnoto - 596


Threxor - 433