Gold, Plat - Among the Shadows - Shadows League Season 1 Tournament

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Among the Shadows will be hosting a multi-week season tournament event. Our tournament is open to both members of Among the Shadows and non-members. Non-members will still need to register at to fill out an entry form and for communication purposes through our tournament forums.

This is our season based tournament, and our clan is excited about hosting this for the community.

As players sign up, they will be placed into one of four divisions. Each week, for 6 weeks, they will face off against another player in their division, for prime spots during the finals tournament. The top two players of each division will be placed into an upper bracket, double elimination. The bottom two from each division will start out in a lower bracket, single elimination.

Regular Season Date:

Each Saturday: January 18, 2014 - February 22nd, 2014 | 4pm EST

Finals Weekend:

Round 1 - 3: March 1st | Round 4 - 7: March 2nd | 4pm EST


1st Place: Choice of   Day[9] T-Shirt   OR   TeamLiquid T-Shirt
2nd Place: Choice of   Day[9] Mouse Pad   OR   Day[9] Keycap Set   OR   TeamLiquid Mouse Pad
3rd Place: Choice of   Day[9] Keycap   OR   ( TeamLiquid Keycap Set   AND   TeamLiquid Label Pin )

Map Pool:

The map pool is listed on our Season 1 Tournament page. 10 maps have been selected. Each week during the regular season, only 7 will be active each week, rotating around throughout the season. These maps are shown on the Schedule page for our tournament, under each week. During the finals weekend, any of the 10 maps may be selected and played.

Complete rules and signups can be found on our Shadows League - Season 1 Tournament page.

Admin of Tournament:

Ohnoto - 596 | Ohnoto#1201

If you use the battlenet tag, also provide a message stating your interest in Among the Shadows or Shadows League. I will not accept invites to battletag without a message included.


We are looking for casters for this event. If you are interested, please contact me at the above in game code(s), or on our clan website.