A Causal to Hardcore Journey

A long long time ago (late 90s and early 2000s) I was a young lad who loved gaming.  My computer was not very good at the time so my exposure to games like Starcraft was extremely limited.  When I first got my hands on Starcraft I had dabbled in the arts of Age of Empires and played some Command and Conquer, but never more than a bit  while visiting friends.  

One friend of mine, Nick, really loved Starcraft and one time when visiting his house we played through the first couple levels of the Terran campaign.  I wish I could say I got super hooked on the game, but I was really only casually interested.  When I had a computer that could play it, I borrowed the game occasionally and played through as much of the story as I could handle.  (Not very far, couldn't make it past the last Terran level of the first campaign.  I was in fact, quite terrible.)  I played it a bit on and off since then, eventually purchasing the game myself.  But I had no idea that there was a competitive scene for the game.

Fast forward to early 2011.  I was wrapping up college and experiencing some rather tough times in my life, one insanely hard class and some bad relationship problems, and I discovered the Day[9] daily.  At the time, much like before, I had no access to the game because my computer could not run it.  But the watching the daily changed that for me, seeing the hard work and ambition of the players changed something in me.  I had to get that game.

By the end of summer I had earned enough cash for a good computer and the game itself.  I had so much fun experiencing the campaign and playing multiplayer!  Over time I learned more and played on and off; the game never left my mind even up to the present.  Since then, I have gleaned countless hours of entertainment from the game, tournaments, and the dailies that has helped me stay sane during grad school.

In the present, I've started to dabble in the arts of casting a playing more seriously.  Time for me to do so has slowly been opening up to me, and I've sincerely loved every minute of it.  Starcraft in general has become my entertainment of choice.  No matter the day or time of year I find myself drawn to the streams.  I hope one day to finally make it to an actual LAN, and see the action up close and personal.  

Heart of the Swarm represents a chance for me to really give back to the game and community that has given me so much joy over the past year.  Whether that be as a caster, player, or something else is not yet clear to me, but honestly I don't care about that.  At this point, it's really just about the love of the game.