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The other day I was mulling over a problem:  For the most players, the only real only option for competition is the ladder.  It's hard for most people to really see ladder as an area for practice and experimentation. Yes, the occasional tournament does exist, but those involve a heavy time investment that isn't really appropriate for most players in SC2.  Rather than resigning to ladder,  why not try making show matches a viable option?  The idea here is that I'd setup a time one week in advance with both players to cast a show match between them either live on twitch or as an upload to youtube.  Then they'd go practice and get to show off their handiwork in the match.  

Interested?  You can find examples of what we do in the games down in the Match Archive playlists. (The games come in the video following the interview, just sit back and watch or use the playlist to skip forward.)  If you want to play use the sign up form!

Sign up form: (This has private information on it so you won't see the results. I'll send out your name in the email to the players at the start of the next week.)

Player Roster: (Being reworked - Target time; Tuesday by Midnight)

Players who need opponents: (Will be updated after I send out the group email tonight.)

Match Archive: (Higher numbers are more recent.  The first one wasn't working as a video embed for some reason so it gets to e a link. xD)

Playlist 1: 

Playlist 2: