Day[Knight] Showmatches Ending Soon, Kinda

Hey guys!

ZeroLambda and I have had a tremendous amount of fun putting together the showmatches ever since we started them back in October, 2013.  It has been a tremendous blessing to see so many dayknights improve and have fun through the Day[Knight] Showmatches.  All that said, we feel it is time for us to move onto a new project.  We’ll be sticking with the showmatches through to the end of April and then looking to start this new project in June.

Now this does not mean that the showmatches are dead necessarily; only that we will not be running it anymore.  If someone else decides to pick up the banner and keep it going, then more power to them!  I have always seen the whole thing as a community owned project after all.  I will add though, if any of you out there decide to do it and want to know how we ran any element of the showmatches, feel free to ask!

As for our new project, exactly what that is has not been quite worked out yet.  We’ve talked about working on a podcast of some kind or maybe creating the Overwatch version of Teamwork Tuesday.  All of that is up in the air though as we will be brainstorming over May.  Keep an eye on our twitters as we’ll most likely talk about whatever we decide more there. @OmegaCorith and @ZeroLambda


Once again, it has been a great time!  This is and pretty much always has been one of the greatest communities on the internet.


P.S. Sign-ups will close after the round of matches on the 9th-10th.