Day[Knight] Showmatches

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Hey guys! I thought it was about time to remake the showmatch thread since the other one got so massive. Plus it wasn't actually in the SC2 forum; so I thought I'd take the opportunity to move it.

For those of you who don't yet know about the showmatches: these weekend games aim to give normal players the ability to play in best of 3 or 5 series against another player and have the replays casted on stream.  Most players who participate in this do it for simply the fun of playing with a friend, to help them improve, or to give them something to practice for on ladder.  If any of this appeals to you, use the sign-up link below to join up!  You'll recieve a group email at the start of the week along with the rest of the email list and a spot on the free players list to help you find an opponent.

Sign up link: (Sign ups Closed as of Monday, 4/11/2016. Final broadcast will be on 4/23-24/2016)


Weekend Schedule: (I will tweet when this is updated. @OmegaCorith @Dkshowmatches ) (All times in EDT (East Coast Time US), I recommend using to convert it to your own timezone.) 

Match Archive: (Higher numbered playlists are more recent games)
Playlist 1:
Playlist 2:
Playlist 3:
Playlist 4:

Staff list:

Omega068 (Caster/Organizer/Mastermind)
ZeroLambda (Caster/Observer/Tech Jedi Master)
CovertMuffin (Caster/Hype's Right Hand)
GhostGambit (Caster/Observer/Friendly Neighborhood Ghost)
TheAnticitizen (Backup Caster/Streamer/The One FreeMan)
Manbon (Backup Caster/Hype's Prophet)
Caesura (Backup Caster/LordofMemes)
DeathRoW (Backup Caster/Chat Hydra)
Nomikkh (Grand High Lord Chancellor of Facebook)

FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions) 

I will pair you with your opponent for three series by default! The first two are best of 3, and the last is a best of 5.  If you want to play someone else after the first or second series you may do so, but you need to notify me at the beginning of the week or finding a replacement will be very unlikely! 

Otherwise, I send you an email with your opponent's contact info.  From there you agree on a time, play your games, and then send them in to  Only other rule besides this is that we need the replays numbered in order and whether or not they were played on LotV.


Matches are casted from 11 am to 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday.  We generally cast them in the order we recieve them.  We can sometimes take requests for matches to be at specific times, but only if we have enough to justify casting on Sunday.


If your opponent ignores your attempts to set up a match or is unable to play, I will setup a new opponent for you on the next showmatch weekend cycle.  As for your opponent, I will give them two weeks to contact me.  If they don't contact me they are removed from the active player list and the email list. (If this happens to you and you want to play again just send me an email and I'll re-add you to the list.)  


Contact me to let me know that they didn't show up. I'll set you up with a new opponent and put them on the free list under the same rules as in question 3.


We use the ladder map pool for 1v1. Flip a coin, winner picks first map.  Loser of all subsequent games picks next map.  Example: Player A wins the coin flip and chooses Terraform.  Player A loses this game and picks Bridgehead.  Player A wins this game so Player B picks the following map. 


Ideally within a couple days from Sunday.

I hope to see you guys playing and hope you come to watch as well! :D