Hang In There

Before I say anything dude, I want you to know that you're already reaching the status of academic badass.  There's not too many people who can pull off straight A's and working ahead from the get go.  Congrats and keep at it!  As for social stuff, keep this in mind:

It is said that one can either do School and Sports, School and Friends, or Friends and Sports, and one cannot do all three.  But after going through college myself I can say that there are some basic ways around that problem.  Clubs on campus exist often to help people in your shoes, who want to meet people but can't really devote a great amount of time to it.  I'd recommend looking for one club or IM sport or whatever appeals to you (heck make your own if one doesn't exist) and really focusing on developing solid friendships with a few people.  

Don't have time for a club?  You said you know a few people including your roommate.  Go to meals with them.  You'll meet their other friends and maybe some cool people you'll want to spend time with.  It works quite a bit like networking in that regard.  

One other thing I'd recommend, you'll note one of Sean's recommended books is The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin.  I have found the book quite inspiring, and filled with good ways to help control stress.  

Hang in there dude!  You'll meet good people; just keep working at it!