It Has Uses

I'm pretty much ok with the ranking system, but I appreciate having unranked there for when I just want to experiment with something weird or get warmed up.  It's nice not having to worry about a bad first game hurting your rank.

I haven't run into anything as bad as what Dave has seen, though I did run into the same guy multiple times who just did nothing but 6-pool.  That doesn't really bother me much though since again, I was not really playing unranked to win.  It just goes to show you some people are really intense about everything even when there's no need for it.

Honestly in both unranked and ranked I've seen a healthy amount of nice people.  The one person I can think of who taunted me a little during an attack was actually doing it kind of playfully so I didn't mind.  People being quiet and saying only glhf and gg is not something I have a problem with at all.  The behavior bar right there is much higher than it used to be in my average Wings game so I'm really quite ok with it.