Ranking, A Test: Then vs Now

  (Edited: )

Hey guys! I've been thinking about something since the new ranking system was put in place.  Namely that there now seem to be a great amount of gradation for the former masters players and basically none for anyone else.  (Or to put that in numerical terms, 15+ seems to be old diamond and masters and pretty much everyone else is between 15 and 20.)

But I'm not satisfied merely suspecting this.  I'd like to get some evidence one way or the other!  Toward this end...

Please let me know what rank you reached before the new system was put in place and what rank you find yourself most consistently at now.

Example (for me): Former Diamond 1 star, now average rank 18.  

Once I get enough data I'll toss it into a spread sheet and make some pie charts showing it off.  I think it should be fairly interesting.