Successful games with bad new player experiences?

On twitter Rob Simpson asked, "What are the most successful games with the worst new player experience?"  Sean retweeted it.  And the discussion on both sides was pretty interesting. 

But twitter has some pretty extreme limits on how much can be said so I figured it might be nice to throw this up somewhere with a bigger character limit. Plus I want to hear what you fantastic ladies and gents have to say. :)

My thoughts:  Honestly I haven't had that many "bad" new player experiences with games that were successful.  There are a couple instances of this.  First was ye olde Minecraft.  The current one not so much since they finally put some direction into the game with the achievements.  But in the old days when it was first put out you had no recipes of any kind in game and were most likely going to be forced to go onto the internet to look up recipes at some point.  It really breaks the experience when you need to alt-tab out of a game to move on.  Though to be honest most people already saw the game somewhere else so I doubt it impacted most people much.

On a slightly less successful game, Duels of Champions, I encountered and absurdly easy tutorial that on it's last mission became so hard I couldn't beat it after roughly two hours of attempts.  Yeah that went a bit past hard into unreasonable so I uninstalled it.  (Plus it broke the blizzard games launcher somehow. >< ) 

How about you guys? Have any particularly standout moments that you feel are worth mentioning?