Dayknights are Human (a cautionary tale)

During a game of Heroes of the Storm with a dayknight (who shall be nameless), I learned that igrnorance and arrogance can exist within this lovable community. This person completely ignored my plead(s) to defend when minions were roaming free on all lanes. This was during the levels of 15-20. The core was below 40% while the opponent's core was a health 100%.

There was no swearing or name calling involved. This member choose to be ignorant because majority of the group was following some unwritten rule on how to play Heroes of the Storm (except for I and one other member). Rather than adapting to the situation, the game was lost without any remorse or admission of mistake from this dayknight.

Afterwards, I expressed my feelings about the battle and left the party. I didn't name any names or call anyone out in particular. Immediately after this response, the nameless dayknight removed me from the friends list. Rather than taking any accountability or responsibility, this person gave a simple statement saying how you don't go after minions once you reach level 10. The dayknight also added that there were no minions at the time.

There is just one problem. I and the one other party member were the only ones back to defend and clearing lanes which made it look like there were no minions.

After exchanging a few more unpleasantries, I cut contact with this person because there was no way of getting through to that dayknight with reason.

I reached a high level in Heroes of the Storm by analyzing a given situation. In a competitive game, standard can be considered as the foundation, but it has its cracks and flaws. It is not perfect by any means. It is not the end all be all of how competitive games are played. If it was, there would be no Day9 dailies, Funday Monday or Hearthstone Decktacular.

Let this be a cautionary tale. The Dayknight community is filled with a great group of people. However, we're also human and there can be some bad apples here and there. Ugly emotions can surface at any time. Rest assured, I will not let one person ruin my experience with this awesome community.