Distributing information

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I was looking forward to a 'Mostly Walking' show tonight and saw no signs of it being cancelled on sites like twitter or facebook.

Got informed later, at 4AM that the show wouldn't happen tonight, don't get me wrong, it's my choice to stay up like this, but it's still incredibly annoying to not get proper information whether or not the show will actually happen.

I asked in twitch chat if there would be a show tonight, some people replied that you informed us that there would be no show on the last 'Mostly Walking'. That's all fine and dandy for those who saw the show. Giving out information on social medias is in my opinion crucial, specially when you have regular scheduled shows.

When thats all said and done, I must say that I love all your shows and theres no reason to do any drastic changes to the shows themselves, just inform us better!