The Give-Away!

So, there will be a Day Off stream tonight, which means I'll be going through with my give-away.

As for how the codes will be given out: During the course of the stream, I'll occasionally do random things, such as questions regarding Day9 trivia, related to all things Day9. I'll also try to throw in some betting/predictions related to the stream, if opportunity presents itself.

The first person I see get a question/prediction right (I will scroll through, but I'm only one person, so bear with me), I will try to PM with a code.

Codes are redeemable on . I will try to avoid posting codes in chat, in case of the random bot.

The games and amounts are as follows:

    3x Terraria

    2x Soma

    1x Stasis

    1x Evoland 2

    1x Shadow Warrior (2013)

The list is just something I came up with at random, trying to keep it slightly contemporary.

I don't intend to make any questions harder than the others - I will simply say what game is up for grabs and ask. 

Please keep in mind this will not be a professional give-away, nor is Day9 himself or GoG directly involved in any way, this is just something I am doing. So yeah, I might mess up on occasion. 

If anybody is interested, here's the original post I made a while ago: