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When I heard Day[9] describing pathfinding and unit-handling in Broodwar (in his Daily about Starbow) and how he likes the non-blob army-shapes, I got the idea that this forum might be the right place to introduce TA Zero. It's a total conversion for TA with focus on smaller, micro-oriented battles (whilst still allowing the big scale). And since there is a streaming-resource system, you can queue up production, which enables you to actually do all this micromanagement, without being a god in this game. This makes it very appealing for occasional play.

The original Total Annihilation had some weaknesses (like in unit design or balance), but TA Zero is a completely new game in this matter. Due to the flaws and age of his antecessor TA Zero is way less popular as it should be. In my opinion, a growing publicity of this game, and its positive gameplay-aspects, will be beneficial for the development of the RTS-genre.

This mod is in alpha-stage, but unit-design is completed enough to be played in skirmishes against AI or via LAN or GameRanger. 


Here is a YT-account which offers videos of good multiplayer matches:


The unit-handling with the TA-engine feels really good. E.g. direction of units and acceleration matters. It actually makes a huge difference whether you direct your aircraft manually, so that enemy bombers are in coverage of your fighters weapons. Also, a moving army always recieves less damage since enemy shots will miss, so you should't just plan where to park your army, but also where and how to move it during confrontations. You don't find this in other RTS like SC2.

But the original TA was never able to match with games like SC with regard to competitive/online play. Now here comes TA Zero with a completely new design, taking the good aspects of the TA-engine and integrates them into gameplay which leads to faster matches with multitasking instead of unit-massing.


I want to promote this mod not just for the benefit of the game by itself, but to give notice of it's positive gameplay-aspects, which are not to be found in other RTS. At least in terms of my personal perception of RTS-games.

Does someone of you already know this mod? What are your thoughts to the mechanics?