RENO Hunter

reason 1: Reno Jackson is so amazing. I didnt make this deck, but it is jut so much fun.

The only card with 2 copies is mad scientist, so I rarely if ever have a problem triggering the Reno Battlecry.  There's baron rivendare, stalagg and feugen, feign death, all making for some silly end game board states. It is extremely fun to play. Reno with 2-8 health and double thaddius on the board :)

reason 2: This deck may not change the game meta, but it has changed the "deckbuilding meta" for me.

Reno Jackson and Discover have really changed the game up for me, and have shook up the way I plan to apporach deck design.  To curve out properly, and to be properly consistent, almost every competitive deck has to put 2 copies of each core card.  Reno provides the highest value heal in the game and an incentive to put more cards in your deck to avoid doubles, indirectly playing more cards in a deck.  I love that more cards see play. I think there may now be enough cards out to try to pair two different cards as opposed to doubles and now there is an incentive to do so.

Discover fills the gap in consistency.  As more discover cards come out, making curve will be possible without doubling every card.  I have found discover on Jeweled Scarab to be extremely useful in a  control/tech card context.  I can actually swap out meta tech cards, like power shot and bgh, and choose the card via discover that would add the most value in my situation. In my 30 + games with this deck, the discover options from the scarab have been extremely relevant.