Getting there slowly.

Firstly I would once again like to give thanks to Day9. Without his videos and wimsical nature I would never have learnt how to play a half decent game and its to him I owe my current success and the idea to write down my trials through the game for people to read. My hope remains that other people in my situation will read and see that with a bit of practice and willingness to learn they will start to succeed too.
Day9 you are a gift to the community, thank you.
Anthony Paget
Originally when I started this, I had intended to start off just doing a post every 2 or 3 days.

Now it seems it's become a daily thing, hell technically I've done 2 today.
I hope that you will continue to read and that other people will also find their way here.
I seem to be getting about 10 hits a day. So i think it's going ok so far.

Please let me know what you think if your following along. Leave a comment on the blog itself, or just a comment here to let me know how many people are interested. if there seems to be enough I will find means to make it more accessable to everyone and perhaps add some new features.
Here is a summary of my posts so far.
#1: An introduction. Details of my Starcraft life and why we're here.
#2: My transition into the Silver League
#3: Things turning sour in 2v2, anger and training to be better.
#4: 2v2 ranking up. New skills and agression.

Until next time,
Happy Laddering,