A question about mirror match ups

I've noticed there seems to be a lot of hate for PvP in twitch chat during tournaments. I was wondering why that is. Is it because it has been happening so much in tournaments recently, is it just trolling (that happens a lot there) or do people actually find the match up boring? If it's the latter then I'm afraid I don't understand people at all. PvP is the most dynamic and action packed of the mirror match ups, with battles, map control, roles and the player with the overall lead changing in seconds. 

I personally think TvT is the most boring, I see it as two turtles holding forks wanting to jab at each other but worried about bending their fork on the others shell.
I quite like ZvZ but not as much as any of the non mirror match ups (baneling vs baneling is just stupid)

And if you couldn't tell I find PvP quite fun to watch (though it'd be nice if people found an alternative to mass colossus in mid/late game).

TL:DR: So how would you guys rank the mirror match ups from a spectator point of view and why?