Dealing with cheese as Z vs P

So I started playing zerg only after HotS came out and so until the last couple of weeks I'd never faced a 1 base 4 gate as zerg or a cannon rush (I started just as 1 gate unitless expand became super popular).

Because of this I'm wondering at what point do I need to worry about my opponent not having taken his natural i.e. let's say he went double gas MoShip Core Zealot and started a sentry or stalker before taking his expo: when would I expect that to go down. Also what is the correct response to a suspected 1 base 4 gate.\

The other thing I suck at dealing with is cannon rushes, especially if they commit heavily to it (one game I cancelled my hatch and went to my third and THAT got cannon rushed too and he decided to cannon contain me in my main so I couldn't help my third go up). Yes I'm aware that makes my decision making vs cannons ~bronze level if he managed to do that. So what are your anti cannon rush measures guys?

For any protoss reading: I was watching a pretty damn old daily from WoL beta, back when Artosis played zerg and I saw a cool opening which I have a feeling could deal a lot of damage to zergs nowadays, not seen anyone attempt anything particularly aggressive off one base other than 4 gates in ages so it might be worth a look.

It went like this:

12 Gate
14 Gas
cut probes at 15
15 Gate
15 Core and resume probe production@100% core Double Stalkeryou move out with the double stalker while producing another 2 stalkers to reinforce and take another gas take your natural and produce zealot sentry, think it was followed up with a forge to start walling off at the natural (not sure though)