[H] Attempting a race switch

Hey guys, currently playing Protoss and wanting to try zerg. I've played a few custom games with no AI and a game against a friend however I'm currently a little at a loss. I've forgotten how to learn a race from the ground up since learning Protoss.

So I was wondering if any zerg buddies could give me an idea of a usable hotkey setup (really struggling to find one I like). Also if you could give me a few basic builds which don't require too much micro (mutas would be too much for me right now i think) so that I can just do them to practice my mechanics. Probably something involving roach hydra.

I don't need (and wont be able to handle) supply count build orders and ultra specific timings, triggers like get X when lair starts or build roach warren when have money/gas etc. would be much more useful for me right now I think.

Any help 

Any help would be appreciated (including unrelated tips)

Thanks Guys/Gals <3