Having massive troubles vZ (as P)

  (Edited: )

Recently all the zergs I've been against have been hyper aggressive. With 8 pools and my most recent game was quick 3 bases into mass ling baneling into baneling drops followed by mutas. 

Currently I can deal with 6 pools very easily just with probe micro till a cannon finishes but i'm not finding the same possible against an 8 pool and I can't see anyway to survive without walling in my main before my natural (but FEs are nice Q.Q). Is there a standard way of surviving an 8 pool if you haven't scouted or should I just start 9 scouting (don't wanna I'm greedy :P ).

In that last game I played I honestly had no idea how to react, I saw the mass of lings and banelings at his 3rd so I had time to react but I still didn't really have any idea how to do so. I ended up barely holding it, losing a wall of 5 gates in the process (and a few probes), after this point I never had enough units to feel comfortable or move out, his economy was marginally ahead of mine due to the quick 3 bases and by the time I dealt with this mass baneling attack followed by the drops I had very little to deal with the mutas, a final mass baneling attack killed 90% of my forces and I could no longer shoot up.

I think the majority of these problems is because I haven't really fixed on a plan in PvZ, I was going for stargate openings but found I died to any amount of early roaches (and my problem with 8 pools) and have been casting around randomly for an opening to let me get a 3rd base and not die.


Any suggestions of openings to get a fast 3rd as Protoss versus Zerg would be greatly appreciated, along with tips of how to survive an 8 pool and also the proper response vs mass banelings/baneling busts.

Edit: Just to be clear I mean fast 3rd by Protoss standards not trying to match Zerg 3rd base timings (a friend didn't get that)