My Story

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Some 5-6 years ago me and my friend picked Starcraft up, I had played before and liked it, but never got into it that much. We started playing, 2 of us against AI and got our asses handed to us for quite some time at first. Learned how to deal with terran and protoss, though zerg always remained problematic. Went online few times, performed horribly. Got better than my friend, but still worse than people online. Somehow Starcraft faded from my life... only to reappear when I needed it most.

A bit less than a year ago, my life took a nuke to it's mineral line. I got quite depressed, nothing seemed to be going right, most of what I had worked for started falling apart, broke up with girlfriend, health troubles with some family members, was thinking of dropping out of university among other things.I used and abused alcohol. I remember that colours of everything seemed quite dim. I started watching Starcraft 2 videos on youtube. At first random ones, then I got quite hooked on husky's videos. Even through all the shitstorms of my life still raged full power, I had that to look forward to, watching starcraft 2 in the evening. Being a student in a foreign country, finding money in the wallet is as frequent a sight as finding a pterodactyl in a soup, that said, I scrapped enough together and ordered Starcraft 2. I wanted to have some hands on experience with the fun that I see on videos. I started playing as protoss, as I later discovered, probably because of the "I hate bugs and protoss- basically a species of interstellar bug slayers" reason. Of course I was horrible. Then I found Day9 Newbie Tuesdays, started watching those, then other dailies, and now I watch Day9 almost exclusively (I still watch other casters, sometimes, but ultimately it's all about watching Day9, haha). I still remember how I laughed about the story of Felicity and story about Javazoning. Those were great and Sean's attitude made them so!

I started improving in SC 2 a bit and was having a good time while doing it. I was still quite gloomy, though slowly, but surely the mentality of SC2 started seeping through to my daily life. And what a blessing it has been. I have always had problems with my time management and never quite got around to fix that. I looked at the problem and realised it actually is just the effect of another problem- I have a horrible memory. "I don't need to write it down, I'll remember" , probably the biggest lie I have ever told myself. I started writing EVERYTHING down and finally, after months of barely just existing, I set goals for myself. I noticed that despite still retaining a pessimistic outlook, I found joy again, seeing Starcraft in my daily life. No, I do not consume shrooms of questionable nature. I just consider making breakfast in the morning akin to Making that first gas, university as that epic engagement where loss of focus can be deadly etc. And while I am still nowhere near being the radiating bundle of joy that Day9 seems to be, nor am I superbly skilled yet(heck, I am not skilled at all), I know for a fact, that without the positive influence of Starcraft my life would be much different right now. And much worse. Starcraft added that missing element to my life- fun. Sadly this year has been quite tough in university, where I am studying software engineering, I have done fairly well, although I am about to just barely pass one thing, but oh well, it's a mistake, I see how it happened, so I should just take it as it is and try my best to not do it again. Because of the tough year I didn't have the chance to play SC2 much at all. The winter break is a week away for me, although it is already clear that I will play lots of SC2 anyway, if I could play HOTS, I ... don't know what to say. That would be a "too good to be true" scenario I suppose. A Christmas miracle, haha. And if I could not, then I would still play SC2. Future looks better than ever!