Help I need, advice

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Dear Great Day9 Community,

At my school we are hosting our first ever tournament for various games. It's a beta tournament and its really just to get a feel on how to do the tourny process with only people participating being from our school. I am going to cut to the chase pretty much... I will be the main caster for this sed tournament and I think I know what I will be doing but advice is always helpful. If any helpful people out their have some advice on anything about casting I will glad fully listen to it. (This tournament will be as professional as we can be as a side note).

I hope you don't mind that this is so short and uninformative but many things are still in the works for this tournament. I think some of my fellow associates would not be happy if I just sprouted everything up without their consent. Just straightforwardly since I am the main caster what are some general caster tips for me to get started with and are very professional. Also it would be really awesome if Day9 himself could even comment on his friendly old advice. Thank you friendly commenter for pointing this out but the games are sc2, super street fighter 4 arcade edition, halo 4, and super smash bros brawl. Sometimes my writing is so bad that I think it is good.