Axiom signs Heart and Alicia/Confirms Entry into GSTL

So for those who follow me on twitter (@PhilosopherSC2 if you don't :D), you'll know I'm a huge fan of 2 things. Axiom E-sports and AcerScarlett.

So I was extremely excited when Axiom Sponsor and spokesperson Totalbiscuit announced two huge pieces of news.

1. Former SlayerS'Alicia and former Complexity'Heart join Axiom E-Sports. This makes a really strong team even stronger.

2. Axiom E-sports will join Acer in a combined team for the GSTL. AcerScarlett and AcerMMA will join Heart, Alicia along with Axiom staples Ryung, Miya and Crank in Axiom's newly purchased team house.

TotalBiscuit's Announcement can be seen below