Grey Goo?

This would be really cool to watch on a day off, right? I'd be so down. It would be a cool change from SC2:

Things made easier: 

  1. Harvesting: Refineries produce enough harvesters automatically and free of cost to maximize the rate at which you mine, depending on your distance from the resource.

  2. Base Building: No need to micro construction workers. Buildings warp in.
  3. Large Factories: Can queue 3 units of any time at a time for batch production.

  4. Auto build: Can queue a unit, then click auto build to keep building the same unit, back-to-back into infinity.

  5. Skirmishes: Usually, the winner is the one with the best contextual composition. No special abilities and slow units means micro isn't really an issue. You need a constant flow of reinforcements of the right kind of unit to the right position(s) to win a battle.

Things that are much harder than usual in Grey Goo

  1. Base defense: Units are slow and buildings are vulnerable (power conduits for humans, hubs for beta). When you launch an attack, you have to decide how many defend before you go. Your units are far too slow to make it back in the event that you're attacked while they're out fighting. Choose incorrectly and you run the risk of a big hit on your base/economy or your army getting blow to hell by their defense.

  2. Money management: You're given a new metric in the UI: marginal resource per second. When it's positive, you're earning more than you're spending. When it's negative, the opposite. You need silos to hold more than 1,000 resources at a time. So, you're always worrying about optimizing production so that you're spending all of what you have and money isn't going to waste. Also, if a silo goes down, you lose its money. Yikes.

  3. The biggest points of differentiation among the races are noticed when you're attacking them.

  • Beta: you're going to run into walls staffed with gunners before you reach their base, which is ultimately pretty spread out.
  • Human: They're complete turtles. Everything is packed into a small area, but that small area is defended by the same terrifying pack of heavy turrets and stealth detectors. Getting in close enough to do any real economic damage requires putting your army at exterme risk.

  • Goo: They're the epitome of mobile. No buildings. Only mother goos and subordinate goos that move around the map from catalyst pool to catalyst pool. When/if you find anything important, you'll have to worry about it instantly dividing itself into a protective squad of goo units. Tracking them down is tough. Also, the production/harvesting goos dissolve your units when you get too close. Really quickly.

4. General Aggression: Micro during a skirmish isn't an issue. However, the way to approach a skirmish from the outset is one. No single unit composition will get you through a match. Instead, you need small squads/armies of different compositions to fight on multiple fronts at once. Bombard the perimeter defenses with siege units and tanks while your bombers fly over and take out their central turret structure. Engage the goo with foot soldiers while your air attack units seek out mothers on cliffs that the rest of your army can't reach. Complicated planning and multiple engagements are common, in this game.