Personal Attachment to a Hero?

I haven't developed an attachment to a hero or playstyle, yet, and I'm thinking that may represent something interesting about this game. Anyone else feeling the same?

I contrast that with SC2 (naturally). When I started playing SC2, I immediately said "sweet balls, I'm definitely Zerg," and I haven't considered changing since. Take that anecdote and consider it alongside the community-wide concept of maining races and the forum threads out there where people explain how they identify with one of the 3, and I think it's safe to say that race identification is a full-fledged aspect of the SC2 experience. But not Hearthstone?

I think I'm drawn to the Warlock, because his self abuse mechanic makes him the most counterintuitive hero. But honestly, I've been really keen on playing around with all of them.

I'm interested to hear more perspectives on this. Is this feeling universal?