A Theory: When Should I Try to Win in my Race's Matchups?

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I've been thinking about this for a bit, and I think there's a simple way to break down the matchup-based aspects of strategy. What do you guys think of this table?

 Terran Zerg Protoss 
Early Game Strong Weak Strong 
Mid Game Strong Strong 


Late Game Weak Strong Strong 

In other words, we want to win when we're strong and our opponent's race is weak.

So, in a ZvP, Z wants to win in the mid game, while P wants to end in the early game. In a TvP, T wants to win in the mid game, while P wants to win in the late game. In a ZvT, T wants to win early, while Zerg wants to win late.
So, in every matchup other than mirrors, there's a period where you're favored, a period where the other guy is favored, and a period where it's anyone's game.

I think that's why a bunch of ZvTs are so crazy, since so many of them make it to the mid game, where both races are evenly matched. I also think it's why Protoss cheese dominates Zerg--they're winning in the early game, when they're strong and Zerg is weak. Come to think of it, that's also why commentators get severe excited diarrhea during ZvP late games, when Z has a bunch of bases and floods and vipers and brood lords, while P has a death ball.