When/Who Was Your First Legendary? (Question has extra meaning)

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When I received the "Chicken Dinner" reward (300 coins for 100 wins in any game mode) I bought 3 decks. They included more rares/epics than usual, and I received my first legendary--Jaraxxus.

I've been wondering about how HS's business model might influence some of the game's programming, and it seems totally possible (and maybe even smart) that the developers rig rare/epic/legendary percentages at certain points in playtime to make the game more gripping. Some examples of cases where this might work:

  1. My example above. I spend 100 wins exploring the game's novelty and slowly accumulating cards as a free-to-play player. Around that time, I have no legendaries, and my decks relegate me to the casual sphere. Maybe I'm starting to have enough of this slow crawl. But then Chicken Dinner!? And I got my first legendary! Maybe I should stick it out longer. And maybe buy just a few packs or arena entries with real money so I can put old Jaraxxus to good use. In other words, maybe buying packs with Chicken Dinner money guarantees a legendary. Maybe even Jaraxxus.
  2. Spending real money increases the chance of legednary (or epic and rare, too).

What do you guys think?

Also, who was your first legendary, and when did you get them?