A request to those people participating in this

I just watched your stream for like 15min and there should have been a game running. the plaerys were there and they started it... did nothing and ended it after a few seconds. Then they restarted it... and ended it. And then they restarted, and guess what? they ended it. And that happened all the time.

Now, I assume there was some kind of problem, but theres no way for me to know, because zero info was coming my way. But it would have been very easy to just use the ingame chat, or if that doesnt work, open a notepad and just time there, to tell the viewers what the problem is and if/when it might me fixed. I quit because i just didnt know what was going on.

So please, find a way to work on your communication with the viewer. That would be realy nice. I donr mins waiting a while, if I know its worth it :)