Is there a real meta-game right now?

I'm not sure we actualy have a real meta-game right now. As others have noted theres hardly enough time between the changes that a foundation can be found to base a real meta analysis on. Right now its basicaly a big mess. Remember that 'meta' should be 'above' the rules, hence the name. Its more or less a psychology aspect of the game. Any switch in strats thats purely forced by a change of the rules is not realy a change of the meta, though it will surely trigger one.

First: The game is still quite new and while people say its sooo easy and has such a low skillcap theres still enough options to keep people busy experimenting. People are still coming up with new concepts that alone would be enough to shift the meta in another game.

Second: Blizzard makes small but important changes relatively frequently. Each time that happeneds, the meta has to respond to that and it takes a while to to so. And soon theres the next change.

Third: There's the ranked play, the arena and the tournaments and all of them have diffrent styles. And players get confused between these. Arena should have its own seperate meta, tourneys should have theire own meta, and every few levels of the ranked play should have theire own meta as well. But they are all mixed together.

I think the HS meta is in total chaos.