Switching Races For HOTS

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Hello Community,

I'm just curious to know, and I'd love to see some discussion, is anyone switching races on account of HOTS?  Either due to the new units coming out, the changes to the WoL units, or possibly you're just tired of your WoL main race?

I, personally, am switching from Zerg to Protoss.  I'm a gold level Zerg player, and I enjoyed Zerg in WoL, however I don't feel like, and please correct me if I'm inaccurate, Zerg has enough ways  to deal with the numerous ways the other races can harass in the first 6-10 minutes.  Most specifically, I didn't feel equipped as a Zerg to deal with oracle harass and widow mine drops.  Furthermore, I've always been a fan of having a "micro button" (the "a" button).  I wont go into more detail, except to say: Hence, I am making the switch to Protoss.