Returning Plat Protoss Pleading for Help.

 Medivac boost and just plain mmm is killing me.

Early Game: I hate bio and I can never seem to beat a terran that goes CC first, I send my 9 scout probe out, and I think "shoot".

While I dawdle behind and try to play catch up with my later natural; my terran opponent decides to push. This is usually around the 9 minute mark, and I photon overcharge and kill a few units. He does this again and I might have enough energy to overcharge once more and if I survive this I have a chance to win.


Hellbat or Widow mine drops. These are much easier to defend , but if I'm not paying attention, boom, and my workers are dead and I lose; sadly, there's not much more to be done about these, but stare at the minimap.

Mid Game: Now considering both of us survived the early game, or the game was just some pretty passive so far, I hit this scary time.

Bio: Most of the times if the terran goes super passive I can take a third and get tech out fast; if not, then he just jumps me with marauders and drops everywhere, and now almost any form of static defense is rendered useless due to the boost, and this is where it hurts. While I may be distracted and put-off, I'm far from out of it; and then comes the scary super push: mmm. Usually my tech isn't completely finished and I just have no way of holding it; Concussive, stim, heal, and the few vikings just rain hell on my army.

Now I know this is absolutely doable I just need some tips and how to fight it.

Mech: We all know this is weak, Void Rays and force fields murder it.