Zerg Inject Mechanics

(sorry that it is speaking directly to one person, its just how I wrote it)

Hello,I am rman 897 US, Zerg, Gold, and I want to ask you about one of your previous noobie tuesdays about mechanics, your daily was about tapping. I currently use grid, but am willing to change, and based on what I have read, it is hard to use grid and also use manual hatch control to inject like demonstrated by your daily. My apm is around 100-120, but at my best I play at 125-130. I generally hit match saturation on 3 base at a fast time, ggtracker says that I have gm spending and master saturation speed, and I enjoy playing an aggressive roach hydra style vs zerg and protoss, but vs terran I go Scarlett style heavy muta+ling/bane. I do not ladder much because I get anxious. I use 4 camera/location hotkeys, one per inject base. I was unsure which email to send this to because the categories in the contacts don't really fit my topic. Should I switch hotkeys to standard(with modifications), which I had used previously, but switched from later because off-racing was hard, and use separate hotkeys for each hatch, just like Jaedong(I studied his replays from IEM Cologne), and many other Korean players, or should I continue on my path. However, I found a replay about Soulkey, and by the looks of it, he has all his hatches to 4, all his queens to 5, and uses either base camera injects or camera locations. :) Thanks!